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Tire Recycling and Disposal in San Jose, CA

Car and truck tires are incredibly durable products. After all, they’re made tough enough to withstand thousands of miles on paved roads to get you where you need to be. This durability is also what makes them incredibly hard to dispose of. Tires are made to last and are non-biodegradable, so when they end up in landfills, they sit there for years. What can you do with old tires? Bring them to Bay Area Scavenger and Recycling in San Jose, CA for proper disposal. Contact us today for pricing.

old tires

Recycle Responsibly

When you consider how many cars there are on the road and how many sets of tires each vehicle goes through in its life, it’s no surprise that tires can be a problematic source of waste. Over the last few decades, progress has been made to find ways to reuse tires and their rubber to keep them out of landfills. We’re here to help area residents dispose of tires properly.

Dangers of Tires in Landfills

In addition to taking up valuable space, tires sent to landfills pose dangers. Mosquitos love to breed in tires. Since the hollow portion fills easily with water, it creates the perfect breeding ground for these insects that spread harmful diseases. Rodents burrow into tires and build homes too. Tires also catch fire easily, burn for months, and are nearly impossible to extinguish while polluting the air.

Dispose of Your Tires Legally

Bring your old and used tires to Bay Area Scavenger and Recycling in San Jose, CA for legal and responsible disposal. While tire recycling is still new, the rubber can be repurposed to create many useful materials such as synthetic turf or ground base at outdoor playgrounds. Call us for pricing and visit us Monday through Saturday.

Bay Area Scavenger and Recycling

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